To access our facility you need the GREEN PASS (from 06/12/20201).
In line with our philosophy of hospitality, we will continue to work daily in order to offer a service made of care for the customer which also includes the protection of his health, through the provision of special disinfectant dispensers, the regular and continuous sanitation of the rooms and compliance with all precautionary measures aimed at the safety and health of guests and staff. Here's how we got organized, click here.

As per hotel hotel safety instructions, please, after booking, to send the documents of the people arriving to the email or via WhatsApp to +393939454725 : in this way the check in will be fast and safe!

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Pet friendly - Hotel for animals in Bologna

hotel pet friendly bologna hotel maggiore bolognaWe know how important pets are, for this reason dogs are welcomed here.

Not only, Hotel Maggiore allows all kind of pets and we try to make their stay special like yours.

When reserving do not forget to tell us about your little friend, in the hotel dogs, cats and all kind of pets are allowed and we are happy to give you all the useful information for your visit when making your reservation.

The hotel allows pets in the rooms and for this reason rooms are equipped on purpose.

If you make a reservation at our hotel, you will find:

  • A bowl for water and a bowl for the food
  • A comfortable basket for your dog or cat
  • Hygienic bags for your dog
  • Cat litter
  • The phone number of a local veterinary in case of necessity

We have a list of specialized veterinaries, to prevent any necessity of your pet.

Hotel Maggiore is happy to allow your pets and to dedicate to you a lot of services to make your visit special. When reserving please inform the receptionist that you are bringing a pet.

Our hotel has been recommended on the site Vacanze Animali as a hotel that allows pets and in 2013 we joined the program “Amici a Quattro Zampe” prepared in cooperation with ENPA (the National Authority for Animal Protection).

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